Underground & Electrical Prep

When it comes to Underground electrical work trust Elmstar Electric Corporation. We welcome the opportunity to offer you service, experience, innovation and quality. Now offering:

Take a stroll on College Avenue in downtown Appleton, Wisconsin and notice the street lighting. You’ll see why you should trust your exterior lighting to us. Decorative and efficient lighting…no need to compromise.
  • Site Lighting – Whether you want to illuminate the entire exterior of your building, make your company’s sign glow in the night, or just want to ensure safe passage into your building, we will provide exactly what you are looking for. 
  • Parking Lot and Street Lighting – Ensure your employees feel safe getting to their vehicles after dark by adding or upgrading your parking lot lighting. We can install additional poles or modify your existing lighting. 
  • Traffic Signals – Do you have problems with an intersection or want to add traffic lights? We can repair your damaged signals or upgrade traffic and pedestrian signals to LED. 
  • Trenching – With our arsenal of equipment, we’re unmatched. Get rid of your overhead power lines and go underground. Whether it is for site lighting, power to a remote building or power to a gas pump–whatever your need we can supply it. 
  • Boring – You don’t have to disturb your access road, driveway or even the landscaping. Don’t worry about the headaches of patching; we can go below and leave most of your property undisturbed. 
  • Duct Banks – Protect your underground electrical work with duct bank systems. Options include conduit and concrete encasements. We trowel all of our concrete duct banks to a crown to prevent water from pooling. 
  • Manholes – We install and maintain manholes for Signal, High, Medium, and Low Voltage Cable and Equipment. We can refurbish your existing manholes if they don’t meet current standards including: installing ground wires, ground rods, surface channel, enclosing cables, and adding cable supports to name a few.